The 10% Cash Deposit Bail Scheme


AKA The 90% Discount

How The 10% Cash Deposit Bail Scheme Works

Over the last many years courts in Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina and others have started using bail to guarantee payment of court fines and costs rather than the defendant’s appearance in court.

The result is, the courts have raised a lot of money at the expense of thousands of failures to appear, thousands of unserved warrants and profound negative impact on public safety and justice for victims of crime.




The Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitutions says “bail shall not be excessive”.  ABC believes once bail has been set by a bail schedule or court that amount should be secured in full be it full cash or a bail bond.

Returning to this centuries old expectation is the only sure way to properly and effectively insure that those individuals committing illegal acts against person or property within our communities appears for trial an answers to the charges filed against them.  Bail reform should include the discontinuance of the 10% Cash Bail a/k/a The 90% Discount.