GOOGLE: Internet Monopoly or Social Engineering?

On the heels of Google’s recent decision to ban the entire private bail industry from advertising on it’s platform, 60 Minutes exposes just how Big Google really is…and how it can’t wipe you off the map with their secret algorithm.

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This past week the Federal Trade Commission was asked to investigate the data collected by Google on its Android operating system, which powers most of the world’s smartphones. It was a tiny blip in the news cycle but another sign of Washington’s and Europe’s growing concerns about the enormous, largely unchecked power accumulated by tech giants like Facebook, Amazon and Google over the last two decades. Of the three, Google, which is part of a holding company called Alphabet is the most powerful, intriguing, and omnipresent in our lives. This is how it came to be.

“People tell their search engine things they wouldn’t even tell their wives… And that gives the company that controls it a mind-boggling degree of control over our entire society.”

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