Bail Agent Angie Villareal

Angie Villareal at All Day All Night Bail Bonds has always felt pulled to help people in need. When she was young, she had family in and out of trouble and she and her family would always go and bond them out. She has been in the bail bond industry for 7 ½ years. However, she wasn’t always on the criminal justice side of things as she worked at a restaurant and then a prison. Ultimately, however, she was pulled over to the bail bonds industry by a friend who worked at All Day All Night Bail Bonds and needed someone to translate for their Spanish speaking clients.

Her favorite part of being a bail bond agent? She loves helping people, giving them freedom and a second chance by getting them out of jail. And, because she speaks Spanish, Angie is able to help clients in a unique way; Hispanic clients are often confused and feel frightened and alone and she’s able to calm their fears and explain the bail process to them so they’re not as afraid.

Today, Angie still writes bonds, but more importantly, she oversees and manages all bail agents employed by All Day All Night Bail Bonds, sending them to the jails across the Front Range and the state of Colorado. All Day All Night Bail Bonds serves bonds in every county from Larimer to Pueblo County and throughout the Denver and surrounding areas. With so many moving parts, Angie and her team are kept busy. She says they stay steady throughout the day trying to help as many people as possible. Whether it’s writing bonds, keeping up with clients’ court dates, payments, preparing consents or answering questions that clients have about the bail process, they’re constantly working to help people, even answering the phones late into the night.

With so many years working as a bail agent, Angie sees many of the misconceptions people have about bail agencies. One of them is that bail agents just go to the jail and post bond and that’s the end of their involvement. That’s not at all true, instead, they’re with their clients every step of the way. Angie says, “We help people get through the process of making it to their court dates. We get a lot of people calling in and getting consent and needing help and we’re here to help them. We get info about what they need. It’s not just posting bond and then being done. We make sure people’s files are updated and that they are appearing for court.” Some clients miss court and have issues complying with court orders. According to Angie, when they do miss court, they do their best to help them get their bond back on track.

Not only does Angie help people, but she often has a lasting impact on many people that come into her life. She works hard to build relationships with the families as well as the people she bails out and they are so appreciative of the help. Many repeat clients call back and ask for specific bail agents because they’re used to working with them and will get the answers they’re looking for. Life isn’t all about work for Angie, she loves spending time with her family, especially her kids and her mom. Her oldest is graduating this year and is headed off to college! They often go out and do different activities and enjoy family time.

Work, of course, can be overwhelming at times, but she says, “It’s worth it. I spend more time with people at work than my family. They’re like my second family. I’m side-by-side, working with them every day, and you develop good relationships. They’re part of my family.” Angie echoes what the owners of All Day All Night Bail Bonds believe: Everyone deserves a second chance. Because of this, they always consider and often post bonds other agencies won’t. They work to help the folks that need a break because they have a family depending on them. Helping people who are in need of a second chance is a passion for All Day All Night Bail Bonds – a family owned business that has been operating for over 20 years.