ABC Agent Affiliate Program


Why you should become a member.

The Agent Affiliate Program was established by the American Bail Coalition Board of Directors in recognition of the valuable contributions made by our surety bail agent partners. The knowledge and experience bail agents obtain every day from working with clients and their families and in and around the Criminal Justice System is invaluable.

Membership is limited to bail agent actively appointed with an ABC Member Company. This requirement will reinforce the surety-agent relationship ensuring that both partners are contributing to the betterment of the commercial bail industry.

Here are just a few of the benefits to joining ABC’s Agent Affiliate Program:

  • Access to ABC’s legal experts and media relations
  • Seat at the table at the beginning of legislation
  • Eligibility to serve on ABC Board and Committees
  • Participation in ABC Regional Meetings and Conferences
  • Subscription to ABC Exclusive Membership News Updates

The primary reason The American Bail Coalition was founded was to combine the knowledge, experience and financial resources of those surety companies with a desire to protect the commercial bail industry. Adding our surety bail agent partners to the ABC team will only enhance our abilities to fight for an established and proven private sector pretrial release option and develop new products to enhance the commercial bail’s contribution to the Criminal Justice System.

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